Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Reference Books!

Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature
First published in 2005, then in a paperback edition in 2008, and we are happy to now be able to offer it as part of our reference collection. If religion and nature is an area of interest to you (and even if it isn't), these two volumes are full of articles that you will enjoy reading. You may want to start with the entries on Christianity (about 80 pages worth) and then follow the cross references and suggestions for further reading.
Ref BL 65 .N35 E53
Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation
Two volumes. 2013.
Set covers different interpretive approaches to the Bible. There are many more than you might think. With over 100 in-depth articles, this set is likely to be useful to anyone interested in learning about different interpretive approaches to the Bible from source criticism as currently practiced to feminist and womanist interpretation.
Ref BS 511.2 O85 2013
Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Archaeology
Two volumes. 2013.
A new and up-to-date reference work on biblical studies and archaeology, this is a valuable resource for students taking a cross-cultural trip to the Holy Land or to Rome. If you every wondered how knowledge gained from excavations of biblical sites can contribute to understanding the original social world of the Bible, this set will help to answer many of your questions and may lead to many more.
Ref DS 111 .A2 O94
Religious Leadership: A Reference Handbook
Two volumes. 2013
Wide-ranging coverage. Includes articles on leadership, formal and informal, in many different U. S. religious contexts, movements and traditions. Also articles on prominent religious leaders and the formation of religious leaders. Very engaging and contemporary.
Ref BL 626.38 .R45